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The #OneMarvelousScene Series Is a Perfect Tribute to the MCU & Video Essays


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Nine YouTube channels have teamed together to highlight some impactful scenes from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we’ve known it for the last decade. It’s a deeply fascinating project with a highly talented group of people all taking deep dives on some of their favorite scenes. As someone who loves video essays, this project was awesome to watch, and I wanted to make sure y’all saw it.

I’m going to start with the Team Tony videos (as I have dubbed them):

“Tony Stark Fights Thanos” from The Take by ScreenPrism: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers: Infinity War demonstrates what the scene reveals to us about Endgame, and the MCU’s deeper messages about fatherhood.

“I Am Iron Man” from Hello Future Me: This channel takes on one of my favorite Marvel movies, Iron Man 3 (yes, I am that courageous and brave), and talks about the scene where Tony meets Harley in the film. I think this video highlights the things I do really enjoy about the movie and how I think it highlights Tony’s growth after the first Avengers movie—despite how it sort of got messed up in Ultron, in my humble opinion.

Then, there’s our sweet son Spider-Man in his latest and one of his best incarnations: Spider-Man Homecoming.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” from Lessons from the Screenplay: The revelation of the Vulture’s identity to Peter Parker and vice versa, with a very cool “he’s fine, he’s screwed”-o-meter. Definitely one of my favorite scenes in Homecoming, and any time we get to revisit my Batman in a movie is a good time.

“Farewell Yondu” from HiTop Films: One of the most powerful scenes from Guardians: Vol. 2, which gives Yondu an amazing sendoff for a character who had magnificent development. It makes me cry every time. Some people don’t like Vol. 2, but I personally thought it was one of my favorites from that year.

“The Afterparty” from Nando v Movies: One of the scenes from Age of Ultron that is actually pretty good. While Ultron is not a movie I have wanted to revisit, I do know this was one of the scenes that stuck out to me—even though I hate Tony’s line about prima nocta (Tony is many things, but he’s not a rapist). I also appreciate the video for thanking Sarah Finn, for casting this generation’s thirst magnets for decades to come.

Also, don’t watch Dollhouse.

“Hulk’s Fall From Grace” from Gubz: A really interesting video that tackles the transformation sequence of the Hulk into Bruce Banner in Thor: Ragnarok that explores the pain and duality of the relationship between the two halves. It also comes from the perspective that Marvel has kind of turned the Hulk into a weird version of his original self. It’s an interesting take whether you agree or not.

“Military Ads in Marvel Movies” from Just Write: Oh, Captain America. Indeed, one of the difficult things about bringing Cap to the screen was figuring out how to you address Captain America’s political history as a comic figure as you launch a film reaching audiences outside of the States. Just Write breaks down how the military ads in First Avenger made it all work.

“I’m Always Angry” from captainmidnight: It might be kind of an “obvious” pick, as the host points out, but it does remain one of the most iconic scenes in the MCU for a reason.

“Till The End Of The Line” from Browntable: Steve and Bucky is the most popular ship in the MCU, but this scene between them is more than just shipping fodder. It’s a great declaration of unconditional love and friendship between two people. That is what makes it so meaningful, regardless of ship.

All these videos, regardless of whether you agree with each thesis, are fun because they’re a great example of what the MCU has given us: enough scenes, enough moments, to have these kinds of conversations. No matter how you feel about Marvel, what they have accomplished is unprecedented. We are living in the Golden Age of Live-Action Superhero Content, and it could dry up at any moment.

2018 gave us good DC and Marvel movies; we have a lot to look forward to and a solid foundation into the next era of what Marvel will do. The possibilities are endless.

If I could pick One Marvelous Scene, it would be that scene between T’Challa and Erik on the cliff. Yes, at this point, it’s probably cliche, but it does so much and says so much about Erik that I can’t help but love it. Followed by that, I’d say it’d have to be when Pepper is being held in Iron Man 3 and realizes that she’s there as a trophy. Damn, what a scene. Then she killed him.

What is your absolute favorite scene from Marvel and why?

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