Vintage punk-style poster of Sylvie (Sophie Di Martino), wearing headphones around her neck and posing against a background of neon green records.

One of Sophia Di Martino’s Favorite Shows is Hilariously Un-Sylvie-Like (Or Is It?)

Yesterday, Sophia Di Martino spoke with Meg McCarthy of Cherry Picks about her work on Loki season 2. During the interview, Di Martino revealed her favorite to watch with her husband—and Sylvie fans will find it especially wholesome.

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In the interview, McCarthy shares that Loki is one of the only shows that she and her husband are equally passionate about. Di Martino responds that the show she and her husband watch together is The Great British Bake Off. “It’s one of the only shows that we can watch together religiously,” Di Martino says. “The best thing about Bake Off is that there’s no villain, everyone’s super nice to each other, very collaborative and supportive. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. There’s no place for a villain.”

It’s true! The best thing about Bake-Off is how sweet and gentle it is. Of course, listening to Di Martino talk about villainy and people being nice to each other, one can’t help but think of Sylvie’s character arc in Loki.

Sylvie seems to start off in Loki as the show’s villain: after all, she’s the murderous variant the TVA is trying to catch. However, we soon find out that her motives are pretty understandable, and throughout seasons 1 and 2, Sylvie is a wonderfully complicated antihero. Although the idea of free will is important to her, what she really wants is to just stop running and live a real life, and she’s willing to risk a catastrophic multiversal war to do it.

I’m still cool on Marvel’s McDonald’s tie-in, but the life Sylvie chooses for herself—a working-class job, a town with a record store and a bar—is surprisingly fitting. Sylvie’s never experienced a peaceful life before, and you can’t blame her for wanting to slow down for a while and catch her breath. As Di Martino says in the Cherry Picks interview, life in Broxton represents the normalcy that Sylvie wants.

But, as Di Martino has said in this and other interviews, it’s unlikely that Sylvie goes back to Broxton after the end of season 2. Where will she go next? Could she show up in Avengers 5 or 6? Let’s hope so.

(via Cherry Picks, featured image: Disney+)

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