Sylvie stands with her hands on her hips in a field. She's still wearing her clothes from Loki season 1.

Sophia Di Martino Answers One Vital ‘Loki’ Season 2 Question

Classic Sylvie!

Thanks to the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the cast of Loki is finally doing their long-awaited press tour. They’re answering all of our most burning questions, from Loki’s fate in the MCU to the inspiration for O.B.’s character. Sophia Di Martino, whose character Sylvie ends the series on an ambiguous note, had lots of intriguing tidbits to share, including a plot device fans have been wondering about.

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Major spoilers for Loki season 2 ahead!

Talking with TV Insider, Di Martino addressed Sylvie’s fate at the end of the Loki season 2 finale, in which Sylvie leaves Mobius to his suburban house and goes off to enjoy her hard-won freedom. After assuring fans that Sylvie will probably seek out bigger adventures than an eternity working at McDonald’s, Di Martino talked about whether Sylvie and Loki might ever meet up again.

Di Martino says she’d be down for a reunion—and Sylvie has the means to make it happen.

I think that would be cool. Yeah, I mean from Sylvie’s point of view, he sort of gets his throne in the end and I think that would sort of piss her off. So it wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted to go and see that he was all right, but also to just tell him about himself. I think she’s the kind of person who likes to pick a scab. She’s not just going to let things be. So I’m sure if any TemPad could get her there, it would be [the one she got from He Who Remains]. Yeah, and I think you’re right. She still does have [that TemPad] by the end of Series 2.

Loki’s fate in the series finale is heartbreaking: he realizes that to save all his friends in the multiverse, he has to sit at the center of the time stream and keep it safe from within. He ends up on a golden throne in the heart of Yggdrasil, eternally alone.

Does Sylvie know that Loki is still alive at the end of season 2? It’s not clear, but it’s heartening to hear that Di Martino thinks Sylvie would want to drop in on him. Sylvie’s a prickly one, though, so it’d be just like her to to needle him a bit while he was in there.

Will Sylvie ever use that special TemPad to go to Loki? Will the multiverse’s weirdest romance ever get a happy ending, or at least some closure? Time will tell.

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