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Once Upon a Time Gets a Lost Actress, A Long-Absent OUAT Alum

"[Character name], where have you been all this time?" "Uhhhhh...."

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I’m gonna put you out of your misery regarding the actor who’s coming back to Once Upon a Time after a long absence: It’s not Sebastian Stan. But it is…

…Giancarlo Esposito! Who, yes, Breaking Bad fans, did play the Magic Mirror, aka Sidney Glass, in both his home furnishing and human incarnations. He was basically Regina’s #1 minion in the first season of Once, with a few scattered guest appearances after. Like so many of Once‘s amazing secondary characters, Sidney is… around. Somewhere. He’s not dead. But no one quite knows what he’s up to. Hey, don’t you want to know if Regina is evil or good this week?

According to The Wrap, Esposito will be in the season four pilot premiering this fall. There’s no word on whether he’ll stick around after that, but his main gig Revolution got cancelled, so who knows? I would also like to point out that he’s going to be in the upcoming The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler, playing the role of “Angry Slave.” Nothing to do with Once. I just thought you should know.

Esposito’s Revolution co-star Elizabeth Mitchell, best known as Juliet Burke on Lost, is also joining the fairy tale fold. According to Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news, she’ll be involved in “the much-anticipated Frozen-inspired storyline” playing someone with connections to the already-cast Anna and Elsa, and also to both Storybrooke and Frozen‘s Arendell. She’s also “possibly malevolent.”

But is she related to Henry?

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