Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent and Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 10

Jamie Tartt, We All Know Who Your Real Best Friend Is (Besides Roy)

Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) and Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein)’s friendship in Ted Lasso season 3 really has been something to behold. Grudging respect was always there, as Jamie looked up to Roy when he was younger, and Roy recognized Jamie’s talent despite his previously damaging attitude. But now, since training together, sharing feelings and traumatic personal experiences, and Jamie having taught Roy how to ride a bike, that grudging respect has blossomed into a true friendship.

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So much so that Ted Lasso season 3, episode 10 “International Break,” featured a funny and heartwarming scene in which Roy’s niece Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield, who has been extremely underutilized this season) invited Jamie to celebrate “Uncle’s Day” because she believed him to be uncle Roy’s best friend.

Jamie and Roy both being who they are, though, denied this vehemently. I find that extremely debatable, but what was even more baffling is that Jamie then tried to proclaim that Isaac McAdoo (Kola Bokinni) was his best friend instead. I genuinely wonder where he got that idea. Sure, Isaac used to follow Jamie’s bullying lead back in season 1, but we all know that Colin Hughes (Billy Harris) is Isaac’s true best friend. In fact, the previous episode of Ted Lasso season 3 was almost entirely dedicated to their relationship.

So if it’s not Roy, and it’s definitely not Isaac, who then, is Jamie’s best friend?

I would have thought the answer was obvious. It is, of course, the “spectacular” Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh). Apart from Jamie’s relationship with Roy, Jamie’s dynamic with Sam has changed the most throughout Ted Lasso‘s three seasons. Sam used to fear Jamie’s bullying, to the point where he yelled at Ted (Jason Sudeikis) for even considering letting him come back to AFC Richmond. And his fear was justified! Jamie used his talent as a shield and as an excuse for treating his teammates, and Sam and Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed) most of all, terribly.

Going from that to Jamie wearing Sam’s jersey number during his debut for England’s national team is perhaps one of the biggest glow-ups of the century. That Jamie’s choice of shirt number parallels the first moment Sam truly started trusting Jamie—when Jamie decided to join Sam’s Dubai Air protest back in season 2—makes it even sweeter. These are two teammates and friends who truly care about each other, and this episode proved that beyond a doubt.

We all know Ted Lasso is a show about personal growth, and perhaps no character has exemplified this more than Jamie Tartt (though Nathan’s own redemption arc has only just begun). The fact that Jamie is now (best) friends with Sam Obisanya, one of the series’ friendliest, kindest, and most compassionate characters, really demonstrates how far both Jamie and Sam have come. Sam, in learning to trust Jamie and himself more, has become more confident in his abilities as a footballer. They’ve helped each other grow, just as Roy and Jamie have helped each other grow.

And who says a man can’t have two best friends?

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