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World’s Oldest “Flying Car” for Sale

The world’s oldest flying car — or at least the oldest one that we know about — is being auctioned off by an Atlanta, GA antiques outlet, Red Baron’s Antiques. It doesn’t actually fly, but you can still drive it:

From the auction description:

Built in 1935, this “roadable” aircraft was the brain-child of Frank Skroback, a retired industrial technician and electrician from Syracuse, New York. Frank studied the concepts of French furniture manufacturer turned aircraft designer, Henri Mignet, who is responsible for the famous tandem wing monoplane. Skroback wanted to modify this design to build a vehicle that could bu multi-purposed, for both ground and air in order to be flown from house to house, using the roads as runways. His design consists of six fixed 7′ wide wings, that could lift his 21′ long tubular steel fuselage and spruce wind panels all wrapped in linen. This is an amazing piece of history that can only be found at Red Baron’s.

Bidding opens on Saturday.

(Red Baron via Gizmodo via DVICE)

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