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E3: Second Trailer for The Old Republic Drops … This Team Needs to Make All Video Game Trailers!

Holy moly, it’s the fourth time I’ve seen this trailer and I’m still wetting my pants. With E3 2010 in full swing, the Star Wars franchise continues to astound geeks worldwide with their incredible game cinematic teasers, first for The Force Unleashed II and now for Bioware‘s much anticipated MMORPG The Old Republic.

In what is essentially a five-minute short film, we watch a raucous battle between Republic and Sith forces on the once-beautiful planet of Alderaan unfold. Big friggin’ guns are fired, and of course, lightsabers are swung. It’s time to see the “good guys” strike back for a change (for the ignorant and forgetful ones, the first incredible trailer detailed the absolute destruction of the Jedi Temple at the hands of Sith sabers and bounty hunter wrist-launchers).

Video after the jump.

At the EA press conference, producer Blaine Christine announced that The Old Republic will feature starships, and much like the Ebon Hawk in Knights of the Old Republic and KOTOR II, each player will reportedly be allowed to own one, with their own customization and storage space for gear.

“Gear progression,” always an important process in the MMO, was also demonstrated with various bounty hunter armor sets; it seems one will be able to appear as an iconic Mandalorian warrior.

Finally, a PvP option was hinted at as well. Specific team-vs-team scenarios will take place in a special Battle Zone such as Alderaan. Assumedly, more announcements to come.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released in Spring 2011.

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