Old Navy’s “Size 36” Pants Actually Sized for 41-Inch Waists

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Esquire’s Abe Sauer wears size 36 pants. But what does that mean? Not much, as it turns out: Sauer went from retailer to retailer with a tailor’s tape measure trying to find out the real sizes of supposedly size 36 pants, and he found that many of the waists were far girthier than 36 inches. Sure, vanity sizing is nothing new, but this takes it to a new level.

Our sister site Styleite breaks it down:

As the women out there have probably guessed right now, some of those size 36 pants fit and some of them decidedly didn’t — but not a single pair of size 36 pants actually measured out at 36 inches. The most accurate brands were H&M (37″), Calvin Klein (38.5″), and Alfani (38.5″), while the worst offender was Old Navy, whose pants measured out a whopping 41 inches, or 5 inches larger than the label.


(via Styleite; full infographic and more at Esquire)

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