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This Overwatch and Undertale Mashup Is Making Me Ugly Cry and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

"Overfeels" indeed. *sob*

Hey. Are you having a bad day already? That’s okay. Bad days happen. Here, let me share something with you.

Anybody who’s played Overwatch knows that the voice acting is top-notch, and that the characters have plenty to say if placed in the right context. Tumblr user Yukisamui edited together a lot of the cheering or supportive lines that the characters say at points during the game. They also mashed those lines up with “His Song,” a song right out of the Undertale soundtrack by Toby Fox. Honestly, the combination of the two are particularly lethal to your feels, especially if you’re a fan of either game.

The entire thing feels like that one sequence in almost every anime where the main character has to Go Through Some Stuff and doubts themselves, but then they think about their friends (and any loved ones they’ve lost along the way) and suddenly there they are standing behind them like really helpful ghosts and then the music swells and then I sob into my sofa pillow that I’m hugging because no I’m not crying you are shut up… uh. Yeah.

What’s nice is that every character in Overwatch is represented here. There are lines that I still haven’t heard myself, and hearing them in this context is just simply fantastic. Listen, if you need a pick me up, or if you need a bit of inspiration for your day, don’t write this track off. Give it a shot, and you might be surprised by a nice feels trip.

As for me? I’ll have this thing on loop all day. I know it might not have been for me, but I definitely needed this pick-me-up today.

Thanks, Yukisamui. I’m right beside you.

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