Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby in a scene from Max's 'Our Flag Means Death.' They are standing on a sailing ship in period clothing from the 1800s. Waititi is a Pacific Islander with brown skin, long salt-and-pepper hair, and a long, curly salt-and-pepper beard wearing all black. Darby is a white man with short, curly and coiffed blondish-brownish hair and thick sideburns. Waititi is looking at Darby as Darby is looking up at something worriedly.

‘OFMD’s David Jenkins Meeting Fans Before the Season 2 Launch Is Incredibly Sweet

David Jenkins is a romance god. To his fans, at least. The creator of Our Flag Means Death is beloved here at The Mary Sue for bringing us our favorite kissing pirates, and now season 2 is upon us with three episodes premiering of the hit show. After spending weeks screencapping every trailer and crying over every little moment (or, if you’re like me, sobbing because of the use of “The Beautiful Ones”), fans are finally back with our faves—all thanks to the brilliance of Jenkins and his writing team.

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To celebrate the return of the show, Jenkins braved the depths of Times Square to do the unthinkable: Sit and wait for fans to show up without explicitly telling us what he was doing. Still, the power of Our Flag Means Death is such that fans showed up to see what was happening, even if it meant just standing together and looking at the billboard as the sun set on the night before season 2 dropped. Jenkins was there, of course, waiting for fans so that they could tell him how much the show means to them.

Jenkins posted photos of all the fans who came out to the billboard without even knowing what they were going to do. Everyone is just so happy to take a picture with him and pose under the billboard:

Our Flag Means Death, quite frankly, is nothing without its fans. Their continued support has carried the series through to season 2. Jenkins meeting with fans in Times Square to show them his love? So sweet!

A sunset for us all

Oluwande played by Samson Kayo and Lucius played by Nathan Foad on Our Flag Means Death looking at a sun set. Image: HBO Max.

This show has never really been about the big flashy promotional tour. As someone who attended the press tour for the first season, I came into OFMD as a fan of Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi’s previous work, so to see them as pirates delighted me. What I got was a show that I love very deeply and one that means a lot to me. It’s become a comfort show that I turn to whenever I need it, and to have it back in my life again just means the world to me.

Jenkins spending the night before the premiere with fans, watching the sunset at a billboard proudly displayed in Times Square—it just feels fitting. It’s a perfect example of why he is such a good showrunner for Our Flag Means Death. I hope that season 2 gets the love it deserves. I personally love it so much because it has all the heart that Jenkins and his team put into season 1.

(featured image: HBO)

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