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The Ocean’s 8 Cast Is All Giggles Trying to Play “Never Have I Ever”

Do you ever just want to watch the amazing Ocean’s 8 cast interact forever? Like, what if months after the movie release they’ll still be doing press tours and dropping by the Buzzfeed office to play games so we can marvel over them and keep learning new things—like the fact that Sandra Bullock at least once called Cate Blanchett “Caty Blanket”?

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The women of Ocean’s 8 (minus Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter) played “Never Have I Ever” on Buzzfeed, beginning the game with a relatively tame “Have you ever gambled?” However, it quickly spirals into the six cracking up over the revelation that Mindy Kaling missed hang-out-with-Rihanna-day (I. would. be. LIVID.) and the team each taking turns to mispronounce Matthew McConaughey’s name. It is very, very silly and makes me love the dynamic of this group even more. Yes, there is a lot of playful teasing between Blanchett and Bullock, and I could watch it forever.

My favorite moment is when Bullock reads “Never have I ever had an escape plan for a date” which turns into “What was the worst thing you did on a date to escape it?” to which Anne Hathaway just replies, “CRY.” Also, Sarah Paulson and Hathaway’s exchange of gag noises.

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