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Now Marvel Is Editing Whole Characters out of Trailers? Cool Cool Cool.


It ‘s so like Marvel to edit out characters from scenes so that we don’t know they’re part of Avengers: Endgame—or at least part of those particular scenes. That doesn’t mean we have to like it, but at least it’s on brand for them. When it came to Avengers: Infinity War, they went to extreme measures to make sure that no one spoiled the ending of the film, including altering which Infinity Stones Thanos’s gauntlet already contained in some trailer scenes, so is it really that shocking that they may be editing whole characters out so we aren’t spoiled?

I mean, they already got Sony to leave the dates off of Peter Parker’s passport in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

One Twitter user realized that, if you look at certain scenes in the TV spot that was released for Endgame during the Super Bowl, it’s clear that someone is edited out.

And it isn’t just one scene either. There are multiple instances where it looks like Marvel took out an entire person just so we wouldn’t know they were with the rest of the Avengers.

Granted, there are quite a few people it could be. We know that half of our faves are floating off as dust somewhere, and then there are Tony Stark and Nebula, who are in space together; Clint Barton, who we see in the trailer but who hasn’t really been part of the Avengers for quite some time; Shuri, whose fate wasn’t shown in Infinity War at all (same for Valkyrie); and Captain Marvel, who has only appeared tangentially via pager so far.

Here’s the thing: It’s probably Tony. If it were Scott Lang or even one of the other remaining Avengers, there wouldn’t really be a reason to hide them, but to edit someone out when it’s highly unlikely that any of the snapped Avengers are back at that point in the movie to even need to be hidden? It has to be Tony, and they just don’t want us to know that he survived floating in space with Nebula.

Tony Stark was on Titan when Thanos snapped and killed the majority of the people out there with him. He was lost in space with only himself and Nebula to get him back home, and there’s no way of knowing if he’ll actually make it back or not, so having him in a shot on Earth is a pretty big spoiler.

It could be a snapped Avenger joining them, but if it were, wouldn’t there be more than one edited out? Who would be the lucky one in these shots? T’Challa? Honestly, Tony would make the most sense—not because he’s one of the OGs, but rather because he’s alive, he’s on a ship with Nebula, and there is no way they’d let Tony Stark die in space without anyone around him in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Right?

So how is Tony Stark getting back to Earth to be with our Avengers? Who knows, but hopefully this means that Tony and Steve make up and start to work together on getting their friends back from where they were dusted away to.

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