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Noisy Typer Brings Old School Typewriter Sounds To Your Mac

If you think typewriters seem pretty neat in theory, run OS X, and want to engage in a little fauxstalgia, the Noisy Typer app may just be right for you. There are actual typewriter emulators out there if you want the authentic experience, but if you just want the clicky noises — and you want them all the time — Noisy Typer is going to make you happy.

Noisy Typer is a Fat Lab speed project thrown together by one Theo Watson and does pretty much what it sounds like it would do; it makes your typing noisy. Of course, there are a few details worth mentioning beyond that. It runs in the background, so it’s not like you have to type in some weird, bad word processor. It’s fast enough to keep up with typers of an average speed. And on top of that, it actually pans the sound of the keypresses from right to left depending on what side of the keyboard is on.

Like I mentioned before, Noisy Typer will give all your keypresses clicky typewriter noises, which can be a little disorienting if you aren’t, like, actually typing out some words. Also the carriage return sound is pretty long, so if you’re pressing enter a lot, it will stack up in a weird sort of way. But for a neat little gimmick, it seems to work surprisingly well.

If you’ve got OS X, give it a shot. This is the first time in a while that I kinda sorta wished I was using a Mac (I had to force a nearby Mac-owner to download this and let me play with it). I’m sure the feeling will pass, much like I’m sure the novelty of this little bugger does, but man, it is fun to use for like 2 minutes. I can tell you that much.

You can read see it at Free Art and Technology here, or download it directly at this link.

(via Free Art and Technology)

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