Chromatic Typewriter Paints in Color

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Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan replaced the letter keys on a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter with color pads and hue labels to create a functional painting typewriter, dubbed the Chromatic Typewriter. The typewriter was submitted to the 2012 West Prize competition, a yearly prize voted on by popular opinion.

It probably isn’t a very practical way to create a painting, but the Chromatic Typewriter is such a neat device, one can’t help but want to smash on some keys and create an abstract work of art. If anything, you can one-up that guy at the coffee shop who lugs in his typewriter instead of his laptop, but you can do it with a weird set of colorful keys and instead of some screenplay, you can write a painting.

(West Collects via Neatorama)

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