You Can Turn Your iPad into a Typewriter Because Why Not?

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So you like the idea of living in the romantic past, but only to the extent that it doesn’t inconvenience you, huh? You’re the kind of person who wants the personal pleasure of sending letters, without the trouble of having to write and send them? If that’s the case, you probably also want a typewriter that’s also an iPad because, lets face it, you’re a hipster. All that aside, an iPad typewriter —  the Typescreen — really does exist and it lets you gleefully drink in a pre-“word processor” nostalgia. All that while reaping the benefits of the modern world. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty awesome. Sign me up.

As I’m sure you can tell by the image, the Typescreen works much in the same way a tradition typewriter does, by physically striking the writing surface. Of course, with the iPad there’s no ink involved, the writing surface isn’t paper, and there’s no carriage return. There, I’ve exhausted my knowledge of typewriters.

You can pick up one of these neat little devices from Spinning Hat for the suspiciously low price of $4.68 (£3.00). The Typescreen is an officially liscensed Apple product and fits both the iPad and iPad2, but supplies are limited, and at a price like that, I imagine they’ll go fast. As for me, I’ll keep typing into Open Office and making really bad typewriter noises with my mouth, to the never-ending joy of all within earshot.

(via World of Wonder)

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