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Republicans, I Assure You, None of Us Care About Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn in DodgeBall

Imagine the confusion I felt when I awoke to a chorus of “what are you going to do now, liberals?” on Twitter and discovered that it was somehow connected to … Vince Vaughn. Apparently, the star of Wedding Crashers shook hands with Donald Trump, and that was somehow a “libs just got owned” moment to people who like the president? How? Has the left shown a lot of interest in Vince Vaughn that I just completely blocked out of my memory?

Truly, can someone explain to me why we suddenly need to care? I always watched Swingers for Jon Favreau anyway. The “outrage,” it seems, is imaginary. From what I can see, it’s just random people yelling and saying “What, are they going to take The Break-Up off TV forever now because he was POLITE?” and of course not! They should take it off the air because it’s a bad movie.

It all started with … politeness, I guess.

I think part of the problem of Twitter outrage is that it all stems from one person, then breaks into a mess of people wondering how something even started or why we’re supposed to be mad about it in the first place. Vince Vaughn is a Libertarian. In fact, Vaughn has always been a bit of a mess. He once said that schools should have more guns in them to prevent school shootings.

My point being that literally no one is surprised. No one, not even my dead grandparents. They’re probably in the afterlife like, “Yeah, makes sense.” Or better yet, no one is really upset. It’s this anger that Trump supporters think we have. They think we see someone shake hands with the president and suddenly get our pitchforks ready. Not … the case?

And it was made even CLEARER when I went to look for tweets about the situation and found that most of them were just people either asking where the outrage was, showing they were not surprised, or trying to “own some libs” over our hero … Vince Vaughn?

So at the end of the day … does anyone really care, or do Trump fans think that we’re all crying over Vince Vaughn? Because … we’re truly perfectly fine. I’ll still watch whatever movies I like and go about my day.

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