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No, Donald Trump’s Lawyer Isn’t Like My Cousin Vinny. Stop.


My Cousin Vinny

Wondering why everyone was talking about My Cousin Vinny yesterday? Well, it’s for another frustrating reason because people love to ruin things!

Hello, it’s your resident Italian, here to beg you all to stop making My Cousin Vinny jokes when you clearly misunderstood the entire point of that movie. Yesterday, Twitter was filled with comparisons between Trump’s lawyer and Vinny Gambini (played by Joe Pesci). While I hate when people talk about My Cousin Vinny incorrectly (like when Rudy Giuliani brought it up), this was especially ignorant because y’all were slandering my boy Vinny on JOE PESCI’S BIRTHDAYThe DISRESPECT.

*Clears throat.* Your honor, I’d like it to be known that Vincent LaGuardia Gambini is a good trial lawyer. That’s the entire point of the movie. He’s judged because of his appearance and the way he speaks, and the old southern judge wants to mock him despite the fact that Vinny does the right thing and defends his cousin and gets him out of a murder charge by proving his innocence.

Am I looking too much into a joke? PROBABLY, but don’t come for Vinny! There’s a reason that My Cousin Vinny is held up as a good example in law school.

Throughout the movie, Vinny has an uphill battle because he’s not technically qualified to represent his cousin, but Bill Gambini (played by Ralph Macchio) is being wrongfully tried for murder and needs Vinny’s help. Despite the entire town refusing to listen to him and Vinny having to constantly lie to the judge to even be there (and fight with him on his attire), Vinny, with the help of his girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei), finally proves Bill and his friend innocent.

So when you sit there and compare Trump’s lawyer to Vinny? You’re comparing him to a good lawyer. So you just look like you misunderstood the movie. Please revisit My Cousin Vinny or stop bringing it up, I’m begging at this point.

Now, if you want to compare Trump’s lawyer to the other lawyer? Go right ahead. I did not spend my entire childhood and upbringing longing to be Marisa Tomei’s Mona Lisa Vito for you all to continue to misunderstand this classic piece of art.

Respect My Cousin Vinny.

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