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No Context Spoilers for The Mandalorian Are All You Need Today

baby yoda ior something like it n the mandalorian

**Also actual spoilers for the third episode of Disney+’s The Mandalorian because baby Yoda is just too cute, and “No Context Spoilers” are only really funny if you know the context anyway.**

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This week on The Mandalorian, we basically got to see baby Yoda crying for his daddy, Mando, and then everyone realized they’d all fight for him. That’s truly the most basic way to describe what happened, and even when you look at this new trend of “No Context Spoilers,” it pretty much says the same thing.

Because The Mandalorian airs weekly, it has been a strange game of spoilers. Can we talk about it freely, since everyone can just watch it in the comfort of their own home? Or do we have to wait until the entire series is out before we can talk about spoilers? To be quite honest, that “waiting” lasted roughly two days, and then everyone wanted to talk about baby Yoda, so they just went off.

This week, though, featured Mando fulfilling his duty and giving baby Yoda to Werner Herzog. The problem is that baby Yoda started crying for his new dad, and everyone went rogue.

From there, Mando continually asked what was going to happen to “the kid,” and by the end of the episode, he essentially said “f**k it” and broke every code so he could save baby Yoda and protect him. He wasn’t alone, though. His entire tribe decided to join him and fought against all of the Bounty Hunters (including Carl Weathers’ Greef Carga) to make sure that Mando and baby Yoda made it to his ship and fled to freedom together.

So, to talk about all this in a fun way, fans have decided to start using the “No Context Spoilers” idea and apply it to each episode of the show.

But then, there is this fan who just wants to understand.

This week’s episode was particularly amazing because it was first episode directed by Deborah Chow. The woman who is set to bring us the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Chow brought life to the dark world of The Mandalorian while still giving us the light moments we have slowly begun to love in this series.

Next week also continues this historic moment for Star Wars as Bryce Dallas Howard is set to direct the episode. It’s wonderful to see women taking on the mantle of Star Wars, and I can’t wait to see what Chow does with Obi-Wan now.

Every week, I fall more in love with baby Yoda, and it’s great to see that I’m not alone. Mando literally broke every rule to protect him, so at least he’s also in this love affair with the mystery baby with me.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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