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Nielsen Twitter Infographic Reveals The TV Shows We Talk About The Most

The Boob Tube

From Heisenberg to How I Met Your Aunt Robin, this broadcast TV season has been full of moments that warranted discussion (or angry, inarticulate yelling at screens). Nielsen Social used Twitter data to reveal the shows that got us talking, and wow…we obviously had a lot of feelings. Can you guess which geek shows made the top 10?

The social media strategy company only used stats from September 1st, 2013 to May 25th of this year to create Twitter TV Ratings, which I suspect might account for why Game of Thrones is only halfway up that list of the Top Ten Series. Had a certain, um, mind-blowing episode been included things might have been a little different. Also in the top 10, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.

Nielsen’s research reveals that in the past season fans not only tweeted about shows with an unprecedented frequency, they also interacted with actors more. Tweets about¬†Breaking Bad reached 9.1 million people the night of the series finale, 19,000 of which were directed at @BryanCranston while 51,000¬† mentioned @aaronpaul_8.

If you’re interested in the evolving relationship between Twitter and TV, you can see more infographics on Nielsen’s Newswire. Apparently Ellen DeGeneres’ appearance on the Oscars made a big splash, but still not as much as some Super Bowl thing. Was Bryan Cranston in that, too?

Click here to view hi-res.

(via Nielsen)

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