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New York City Finally Has Its Own Supervillain, Disrupting … Our Subway Rides?

The subway was doing just fine as its own villain, you know.


Thanos as a supervillain, Iron Man as a New Yorker

Being a New Yorker and trying to get to work on time is hard enough, and now we have a “supervillain” who is making it his duty to disrupt our day-to-day activities. That is, his target is the MTA. For those who are not privy to the New York subway system, it is a mess. Essentially, you never know what time you’re going to get anywhere.

The train could stop just to stop or, in the case of our very first supervillain, it can stop because some monster is running around pulling emergency switches and making us all sit in a subway car for 3+ hours—an honest nightmare.

Here is my theory: It’s the Rat King come to rise up with his rodent-like minions. Under his command, the rats of New York City are forming into a human-like figure, sneaking to the emergency brakes and pulling them with their creepy tails and scattering before we can catch a glimpse of them—all under the Rat King’s watchful eye. Or, more likely, someone is mad about the MTA never being reliable, and this is their revenge. I like my Rat King theory better.

In actuality, this is terrible for a lot of reasons. Many of us rely solely on the MTA to get us to and from work, so if we don’t have the stability of what to expect (even with the normal delays we have come to know as a run-of-the-mill trip on the subway), then many can lose their jobs as part of the situation.

On top of that, when the train makes an emergency stop, it stops abruptly, jolting everyone forward and, if we’re not holding on to something, knocking us down. So if this Rat King/supervillain knocks me on the gross floor of the subway car, I will find him. I’ll become the Tony Stark of this situation.

As New Yorkers, though, many have begrudgingly began to make fun of this news because yes, it’s annoying and can be dangerous, but also, what? A man is just hiding in the subway tunnels and stopping train cars? Imagine this if this were an Avengers movie. Cap and Tony would laugh.

We must catch this villain because honestly, the MTA is bad enough as is.

(image: Marvel Entertainment/Photoshop)

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