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New Tron: Legacy Pics More Beautiful Than Ever

Thunder and lightning! I tell you it’s frightening! Frighteningly awesome-looking that is! The picture above is just one of five new images from Tron: Legacy that appeared in the most recent issue of Empire Magazine, hitting the UK bookstore shelves today. But for those who didn’t want to make the trek, the Empire website has provided the pictures.

We know to expect these epic, neon set pieces from anything and everything Tron, but there’s a big difference between imagining it and seeing it for real. And seeing it small has just gotten me all the more excited to see these images on the big screen. So let’s not waste any time blabbering and get to the pictures.

Look at the shiny reflections, the graven faces, the speeding lightcycles, the imminent death. Everything that matters in a modern movie! But wait, there’s more: The article in Empire has this fascinating pull quote:

For those of you who don’t know David Fincher’s work (shame on you), it includes Fight Club and Benjamin Button. Let’s just say, if I were making a movie, it would be infinitely better for him having helped.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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