The Teaser for Logan Shows Us an Angry, Scarred, Aging Wolverine

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Today, we’ve got a new teaser image for Logan, the third solo Wolverine movie, as well as a brief preview video, via the movie’s creative team. They’ve got to build up hype for the official trailer, which comes out tomorrow!

Not that they needed to convince me to feel excited at this point, since I already jumped aboard this train as soon as I heard that this movie will be dealing with the Old Man Logan storyline and introducing us to X-23, the female clone of Wolverine, who has already taken on his mantle in the All-New Wolverine series. Fingers crossed that this movie will be kicking off that same storyline!

Since Wolverine’s healing factor has been compromised–although how Logan plans to tell that story remains to be seen–he can now get scars and age, albeit at a slower rate than the average person. That means that Hugh Jackman, who is a human being and not a mutant (as far as we know), will finally get to show his years in this movie. Well, his years and then some! Jackman is 48, and for once, it looks as though he’ll need to look older, as opposed to younger, in order to play the role of Wolverine.

The movie’s director, James Mangold, has been tweeting photos of the movie’s cast for a while now, and today he shared a stunning photo of Hugh Jackman’s haunting, scarred appearance in Logan:

It’s sad to see Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws after he’s done such a great performance as Wolverine for so many years, but personally, I couldn’t be happier about the way these movies are wrapping up the role for him. It’s super convenient that the comic books happen to have incorporated the Old Man Logan storyline into the canon, and then introduced X-23 as the new Wolverine, because it created a way for the accompanying movies to allow Hugh Jackman to retire a role that he was invariably going to age out of playing. Comic fans can’t even complain about Wolverine getting replaced by a young heroine, either, since it’s all happening in the comic books.

I’m sure jerks will find some reason to complain anyway… but whatever. I’ll be kicking back, re-reading my All-New Wolverine issues, and crossing my fingers for an X-23 franchise. Maybe Hugh Jackman will even be willing to return for occasional cameos, so long as he can appear as the “old man” version of Logan, as opposed to the decades-younger, ageless Wolverine of X-Men.

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