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BB-9E Makes His Star Wars Blips Debut and More Porg Mayhem

Star Wars blips! These bite-sized animations feature the cutest Star Wars mascots in unbearably adorable situations, and over the long weekend, the franchise’s YouTube channel uploaded three new blips. This includes a new porg clip, BB-9E’s (BB-8’s evil droid twin) blip debut, and a bunch of other droids absolutely losing it over R2-D2’s heroics.

The porgs made their Star Wars blip debut in an animated clip where they bullied BB-8, and in a new installment titled “Stowaway” (above), one of these chaotic neutral puffins gives BB-8 and Chewie a hard time when he sneaks onto their ship. This is probably the first time the porg has left its native island, and it couldn’t be more thrilled! It looks somewhat like the first Last Jedi glimpse we had of the creature, who appears to a have a strenuous relationship with the little dude.

The punny description reads, “Looks like Chewie may have a new wingman.” No harm no fowl, right?

“Hey You” stars BB-8 and BB-9E, who have the dynamic of an excited younger sibling who wants to play ball and an older sibling in their emo phase who hates any display of joy. Oh please, let this be the actual dynamic in Last Jedi.

Finally, there’s “Fan Droids” which stars R2-D2, BB-8, and a bunch of other droid units. It’s an alternate storyline where R2 is the true hero of Star Wars and all the other droids look up to him as a great hero, fan-droiding out when he walks by. I love how expressive this scene is, and also more BB units?! How many are there and can I customize one? It could be my BB-M8.

The droids losing it over my sick pun.

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