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A New Rampage Trailer Is Here, and Yes, The Giant Wolf Flies


The Rock-fronted monster movie Rampage has dropped a second trailer, and it’s just as deliriously ridiculous as the first. However, in this new trailer, we get to see more of The Rock’s relationship with George, the movie’s giant albino gorilla, and some more shots of the giant wolf and giant crocodile in action.

Also, the wolf flies. As The Rock himself says, “Of course the wolf flies.”

Now, those who’ve played the video game on which Rampage is based will notice that they’ve altered the plot somewhat. Whereas George the gorilla, Lizzie the crocodile, and Ralph the wolf were humans who’d mutated into giant animals in the original game, the monsters in the movie seem to instead be animals who’ve been drugged with a green gas that transforms them into rage-beasts. (Then again, the wolf and the crocodile could still turn out to have originally been humans.) The corporate villains in the trailer ominously refer to “Project Rampage” and “the next chapter in natural selection,” so it looks like there’s some sort of super-charged-animals scheme going on.

Now, I know, I know. Rampage is a video game movie; it’s directed by Brad Peyton, the man who did San Andreas; its battle scenes have that grey, muddy color scheme; and its CGI monsters don’t look particularly impressive. I totally get that all of those factors make this a likely flop, but I personally can’t help feeling a little charmed by the straightforward, trashy nonsense of it all. This movie isn’t trying to be anything but a smash-happy B-movie, and I just have to grin at that commitment.

Rampage barrels into theaters on April 20, 2018.

(via io9; featured image: screengrab)

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