New Photoshop Demo Videos from Adobe Prove That We Can Never Trust Our Eyes Again

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Recently, Adobe Labs has been posting some videos of new tools that will be included in upcoming editions of their ubiquitous Photoshop software (we assume starting with the soon to arrive CS5). They’ve released two videos so far, the first a couple of weeks ago and the latest earlier today. We’re of two minds while watching these. First, it’s really frightening to know that we now exist in a world where we can never truly trust a reproduced image ever again and that people can easily create complete fabrications for nefarious means that will trick 99% of the population into believing whatever they want. On the other hand though, OMG, LOOK HOW COOL THESE VIDEOS ARE! HE MADE THAT TREE F’ING VANISH!

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The older of the videos shows off a new function called “Content-Aware Fill”. Basically, when you delete anything from the foreground of your image, the program will now make a magical background that is presumably much better than the current stamp tool. The desert road trick at the end is particularly impressive.

Alright, so that’s cool. But let’s say that, instead of deleting your ex-girlfriend from your photos, you want to contort her body in weird ways? Well, you really need to get over that relationship, buddy, but, until then, check out the video that Adobe posted today. It’s for a tool called “Puppet Warp” and, while practical applications for the average user may not be as obvious for this as the “Content-Aware Fill” (there’s no way that “bending the arm” trick works as well for a human being as it does for that well-photographed, wooden model), this video may be even more impressive to watch. I mean, how on earth does it do that thing with the rope?

So, get ready world, posting your friends into embarrassing porn pictures just got that much easier.

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