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New Loki Featurette on Owen Wilson Shows Why We Already Love Mobius

Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki

Despite Marvel constantly hounding him to play all our favorite heroes at the same time, Owen Wilson has never been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (This is a joke that Wilson made himself, don’t worry.)  Now, at long last, fans of the God of Mischief are gearing up to watch the premiere of Loki this week and meet Wilson’s Agent Mobius. From everything we’ve seen of him thus far, the wry character who can go toe to toe with Loki and remain unflustered seems primed to become a fan favorite.

The Night at the Museum star plays Mobius M. Mobius, an agent at the TVA (Time Variance Agency) and veritable expert in Loki’s history. From all the teasers and info gleaned to date, Mobius clearly has a lot to do with Hiddleston’s famed God and works closely beside him. Wilson recently shared that he received lessons about Loki direct from Hiddleston on set and the fun they had during his “Loki lectures.”

In this newly released feature, Wilson seems giddy and excited as he discusses his role and joining the MCU.

It’s such a fun featurette because Wilson is clearly having a great time being on Loki. Sometimes actors appear to be plodding through the requisite press and promos, but Wilson gives off “thrilled to be here” energy. He talks about his costume and the sets that they worked on and jokes to “let them do the heavy lifting.” (Side note: Owen Wilson’s mustache as Mobius? Truly next-level brilliant.) Seeing Owen Wilson with white hair and a mustache should be required viewing because the switch back to that Owen Wilson we know and love in this featurette is a bit jarring. They’re like two different men. Acting!

It’s also great fun to see the behind-the-scenes dynamic on set and how Wilson took these “lectures” to heart. Admitting that he wrote down some of what Hiddleston was telling him about Loki and the Marvel world at large, he used it to create his character and the relationship that the two have and that’s oddly adorable and soothing at the same time.

While brief and a nice little look into Owen Wilson’s excitement over being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this featurette also did its job of getting us even more excited about Mobius. As it stands, Loki has a lot of new folks coming our way with Hiddleston’s Loki being the one established character that we’ve known and grown with. And even this version of Loki isn’t the same one we saw back in Infinity War.

So learning any new information about this show or Owen Wilson’s Mobius only ups our anticipation. Loki is still a cipher to us right now, but we’re anxious to decode its secrets. And can you blame us? Many fans have been fascinated by Loki since at least 2011 when Tom Hiddleston stepped into the role, and we’ve been waiting for something like Loki to come along. It’s wild that we’re nearly there.

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Loki premieres on Disney+ every Wednesday starting June 9th.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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