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Report: New iPad Jumps to 1 GB of RAM


For whatever reason, Apple likes to play coy on the amount of RAM inside their iPads. The news always comes out, though, and a report over on The Verge says that their all-knowing, mysterious sources have let slip that the new third-generation iPad has doubled the amount of RAM in the iPad 2 and is sitting pretty at 1 GB.

Most tech heads will note that, aside from being overpriced, Apple products are usually a bit underpowered for the times — containing specs that would’ve been pretty decent a couple of years ago, but are only somewhat passable for the period of time in which they’re released. When the new iPad was announced yesterday and the RAM was not specified, a coworker of mine pointed out that even if the RAM had doubled to 1 GB (a likely thing to have happened considering the iPad 2 doubled the RAM of the first iPad), his two-year-old phone had 512 MB of RAM, and the new iPad, released two years later, should’ve more than doubled it, rather than simple doubled it.

It’s not that the 1 GB of RAM isn’t nice, some people feel it is simply passable, rather than amazing. To be fair, if the new iPad released with only 512 MB of RAM and didn’t make any kind of upgrade from the iPad 2, people would be clamoring for that sweet, sweet 1 GB of RAM. Personally, I’d prefer if the new iPad had some kind of moniker at the end of the name to denote that it was the new one so it was easier to write about, more than I’d want it to have doubled in RAM.

(via The Verge)

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