New Homestar Runner Animation Available Now!

Read this article out loud in a Strongbad voice to give thanks to the Internet Gods.
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Obviously it’s April 1st, so any too-good-to be true news piece of news should be taken as that. But this is no cruel hoax: new Homestar Runner animation is available today for the first time since 2010! Also back? My misplaced nostalgia for high school. Oh, for my Teen Girl Squad youth!

Watch the new animation here to enjoy Hairstyle Runner updates and a Strongbad cameo. Careful, though: one of the most loveable time wasters ever might not be making a full-fledged return. Strongbad and Homestar say it could take as long as fifty years before they’re able to update again. By then they’ll have a whole new generation of youth to influence.

(via Laughing Squid, image via Homestar Runner)

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