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‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ Reveal Tiny Capitalist Ghost-Type

We are soon going to be in a new era of the Pokémon world. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will arrive on November 18, and we have gotten spoilers and official releases for some new Pokémon, including a new Ghost-type named Gimmighoul.

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From the official site for the game, we are told that this Scrooge McDuck wannabe is a “Coin Chest Pokémon” that is also a Ghost-type.

Pokémon says of this tiny, capitalist hoarder: “These Gimmighoul hide inside sturdy treasure chests. While this provides them with a solid defense, the treasure chest’s weight causes Gimmighoul to move slowly, making travel difficult. It is not uncommon for Chest Form Gimmighoul to be mistaken for an antique and taken home or sold to an antique store.​”

“When Gimmighoul senses a person or Pokémon draw near, it ambushes them. It then uses ghost energy to control its target, forcing them to collect coins. Because it often hides in warehouses, shop corners, and other places people and Pokémon don’t frequent, it tends to keep persistent control of those it does manage to encounter.”

“It seems that Gimmighoul has a second form called Roaming Form Gimmighoul. This kind of Gimmighoul doesn’t hide in a treasure chest. It’s small, carries a single coin on its back, and can be found hiding all over Paldea. However, since they run away as soon as a person approaches, it seems not a single Trainer in Paldea has ever managed to catch one.”

(via Pokémon)

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In addition to this new cute dude, Polygon has also shared some spoilers for new evolutions and forms of “Flamigo, a pink flamingo; Tarountula, a bulbous spider; Paldean Vivillon, the butterfly-like creature with a new color scheme; Paldean Tauros, painted a deep, dark black; and Dolliv, the Smoliv evolution.” Smoliv is the new Grass/Normal Pokémon everyone would die for.

We protect the Smoliv. We love the Smoliv.

It is nice to see some cute and creative design, and I got the alert for my preorder, so on November 18, I will be on yet another journey to catch them all. Or at least the cute ones.

(via Polygon, featured image: Nintendo)

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