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Meet Your Fantastic Four Cast for the New Reboot, We Don’t Look Forward to Your Complaints About Them

Can you please at least for a trailer or something before complaining about casting news?

Fantastic Four #253 Cover

Last night Variety dropped the big casting news for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. So who’s donning blue spandex for the new movie? Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan are your team.

If you’re not familiar with those names, here are some pics. First up, Kate Mara of House of Cards fame will be playing Sue Storm. The deal’s already been inked for her, but the rest of the cast hasn’t actually been finalized yet. Though things are far enough along that Variety sounds pretty confident that they’re right.

(Image via Aaron Mentele)

(Image via Aaron Mentele)

Reed Richards will be played by Miles Teller. I’ll admit to having to look him up. He has a part in the upcoming Divergent and will be appearing alongside Michael B. Jordan in That Awkward Moment. The studio has offered Teller the part, but things aren’t finalized.

(Image via That Awkward Moment)

(Image via That Awkward Moment)

I bring up Michael B. Jordan because he’s The Human Torch/Johnny Storm and apparently has been attached officially for a while.

(Image via That Awkward Moment)

(Image via That Awkward Moment)

Here’s the trailer for That Awkward Moment if you want to see Jordan and Teller together.

As for Ben Grimm/The Thing, Billy Elliot Jamie Bell is the likely man for the role despite there not being an official offer on the table just yet.

It’s silly to get upset over casting news, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet. Even our own Weekend Editor Sam Maggs has expressed some concerns.

For the record, Sam (and by proxy the whole of the Internet), the new Fantastic Four men are all 27, and Mara is 30. Not that their real ages would stop the studio from having them play teenagers. Andrew Garfield (30) plays teenage scientist Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Still, maybe just for once let’s all accept some casting news at face value. You can’t know how an actor will be in a role until you see them in that role. Most importantly, let’s all keep hoping that bananas synopsis that was “leaked” is still really and truly fake.

(via Variety, image via Marvel Comics Fantastic Four #253)

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