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New Creative Teams and Titles Announced For DC’s “Rebirth”

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At WonderCon today, DC Comics hosted a panel announcing several of the creative teams and new titles that will be coming up as part of its Rebirth launch–which will effectively be changing up everything we thought we knew while also bringing back some of those classic characters of DC’s history. The continuity known as the New 52 will be replaced by the Rebirth change, and while some of the New 52 titles are ending, some of them are continuing on to Rebirth but will be headed up by new creative teams.

In tandem with its panel hosted by DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns and co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, DC Comics tweeted out all of the announcements made! Check out a few of them below (including the news that we’re getting a Birds of Prey comic!):

One of the only nagging issues I have with these creative teams is that they’re kiiiiinda dude-heavy? I appreciate that we’re going to have a Supergirl comic and a Birds of Prey comic, and I also LOVE that BoP and Batgirl will be written by women. And hey, here’s a thought: what about having some ladies write and draw a Batman comic? The good news is that there are more women involved on the artist side, but there’s an obvious gender disparity when it comes to the writing portion–the estimate so far is that there are only about four women writers total across all of these titles. I don’t know, there’s such a dearth of ladies in the mainstream comics industry as it is–so why not bring in more women and people of color to this Rebirth to coincide with these big in-universe changes?

But! There’s going to be an all-new Superman in Shanghai! And we’re finally going to learn the Joker’s true identity! And Harley Quinn is still getting her own comic! So I feel like there are parts of this that may just have to take my money.

More details are still emerging, but what’s your take on this so far?

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