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A Peter Pan Movie We Won’t Get to See, But Here’s the Trailer [Video]

this exists

This is a star-studded Peter Pan prequel that has been described as “a bold new take” on the original tale by J.M. Barrie and features Anna Friel, Keira Knightley, and Rhys Ifans, who appears to be playing a pre-pirate Captain Hook. Even more interesting: Bob Hoskins is reprising his role as Smee — from Hook. Hook! (Bangarang!) But here’s the bad news: it will be shown exclusively on the UK’s Sky Movies HD channel, so many of us will not get to see it. At least not legally. Collider has a clip and images so we can at least take a peek.

Hopefully, this will make it across the pond. (SyFy, can you hear me?)

(The Daily What)

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