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Everyone’s Cyberbullying Nevada Over Its Slow Vote Count

Reno 911!

Right now, Nevada is having her moment in the sun—meaning that we’re all waiting for Nevada to finish counting votes, and we’re all extremely on edge, so it’s descended into us all cyberbullying the state that is home to LAS VEGAS to be better at counting. Many on Twitter have taken to making jokes, wondering what’s happening there, and just screaming in the midst of our general election anxiety that just keeps getting worse and worse with each new passing day.

And honestly, I think I understand Nevada right now. Imagine that you’re only ever talked about because of your parties. Right now, when parties can’t happen and you are in the spotlight for another reason, you’d take every moment of glory you can get, right? That’s basically Nevada. She said, “Oh, you think I’m just important for Las Vegas? Well, jokes on y’all now!” and she’s milking it. Kinda respect her.

But the jokes started when Nevada decided yesterday afternoon they were done for the day (but went on to keep counting) and have yet to announce a winner.

I mean, I do respect the drama of Nevada. She said, “SPOTLIGHT ON ME,” and as a theatre kid, I have to give her props. But also as a theatre kid who got made fun of a lot, I’m here for everyone dragging the state for just taking its time and counting in between coffee breaks.

Do I feel bad for Nevada? No. This is basically an episode of Veep right now. I don’t feel bad. All they’re known for is counting things and they’re taking their SWEET ASS TIME.

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