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Netflix Cheekily Promotes Thor: Ragnarok, Forgets Someone Very Important

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Like many, we’re excited to have the excellent good time that is Thor: Ragnarok drop on Netflix. The streaming video behemoth announced the addition with a humorously thirst-laden Tweet, but the fans of one Marvel character particularly took notice.

Thor: Ragnarok is a movie filled with beautiful people, and Netflix Film’s Twitter account was sure to promote this fact when alerting the world to Ragnarok‘s presence.

Here we have shirtless Chris Hemsworth, the stunning Tessa Thompson, beautiful goth Cate Blanchett, and Chris Hemsworth’s abs. These are all, to be fair, relevant and noteworthy stars of Ragnarok. The first time I saw Ragnarok in theaters, an audible gasp arose during Hemsworth’s shirtless scene.

Yet there was another attractive Ragnarok star and fan favorite character who was not featured in the Tweet. Loki fans—and fans of actor Tom Hiddleston—were not about to take this one lying down.

Like the social media masters that they are, the folks behind Netflix Film were quick to try to appease the Loki aficionados.

They were, however, too late.

Hel truly hath no fury like a Loki fan scorned.

Of course, Ragnarok also features some other epic characters that deserve our attention and admiration.

Perhaps my favorite reply of them all:

This whole good-hearted thread and thirst for Ragnarok and its actors and characters made me smile. (There was love for the Hulk too, but the tweet featured a NSFW Hulkbutt I’m not posting here, because as Thor observed of naked Hulk, “That’s in my brain now,” and you don’t need that at work or school or even the comfort of your own home. But no Heimdall?!) All good fun aside, I think Loki fans are feeling particularly—and rightfully—sensitive about their boy after what happened in Infinity War, and it’s not surprising to see them mobilize in his defense.

Sometimes I wonder if Marvel has any concept of the amount of devotion Loki retains in fandom; if they want to know more they can call me and request a copy of my ongoing doctoral dissertation, Loki Is the Best and the MCU Doesn’t Deserve Him, Fight Me, You Cowards.

(via Netflix Film on Twitter, image: Netflix/Marvel Studios)

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