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If You Thought “Love Is Blind” Was Messy Wait Until You Hear the Premise of ‘The Ultimatum’

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are at it again.

The Ultimatum

Love Is Blind has wrapped up its second season with Nick and Vanessa Lachey celebrating their, quote, “successful” experiment in regard to whether or not folks can fall in love, sight unseen. Granted, since they’ve only had a grand total of four couples get married out of the twelve we’ve seen in these past two seasons, I’m not quite sure how successful this series has been.

It sure has been quality reality TV trash, though!

Now that the cast of season two has had their reunion special, you’d think we’d have some time before we saw Nick and Vanessa Lachey again, after all, the first season aired in 2020 with the second one airing in 2022. I suppose, technically, we do have a break—for Love Is Blind, at least. But Nick and Vanessa are busy conducting more relationship experiments, I guess? At the very least, Netflix is busy letting them do multiple shows because we can’t help but have popcorn gif reactions to whatever’s happening to the people who become entangled with whatever the Lachey’s got goin’ on.

That’s right. We’re not getting more Love Is Blind just yet. Instead, we’re getting a brand new series called, drumroll please, The Ultimatum.

What is The Ultimatum?

“The only thing scarier than losing you right now would be to marry you.”

I mean… what in the world do you say to that?!

The Ultimatum (full title The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On) sees the return of Nick and Vanessa Lachey as hosts. Instead of working with singles hoping to make a love connection, this series has a cast that’s already in relationships. Six couples come together to give, well, an ultimatum. See, in each couple, one person is ready to get married and the other one isn’t.

So what is the solution to this situation? Perhaps a conversation about what fears someone has about marriage? A discussion about any insecurities or concerns? Or maybe the couples will split up, get together with someone else, and potentially walk away with a new partner. If you guessed that last one then you are correct, my friend, and yes, I’m just as surprised as you right now!

After spending a week together with this group, each person will choose a new partner to be with. Then, the new couples will spend three weeks together (because the Lachey’s do love on speed mode all the time) and decide whether or not they want to marry the person they came with or, as Nick says, “split forever.” It’s unclear whether or not everyone is going to want to be with a new person for three weeks. I’m betting there will be at least one couple taken out of the running to leave us with five (something that’s happened with each season of Love Is Blind). And of course, we don’t know how everyone’s going to react to seeing their partner go off with someone else.

Unlike Love Is Blind, it looks like the group is around each other a lot more, which is bound to lead to all kinds of drama as folks weigh in on each other’s relationships and comment on the fact that their partner is having a good time with someone else.

When does The Ultimatum premiere?

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum will premiere on Netflix on April 6, 2022. Much like Love Is Blind, you’ll have to wait a week before the rest of the series is up, with the finale and the reunion airing on April 13, 2022.

I will say that I was a bit taken aback by the premise. I didn’t think the show’s answer to “I don’t want to get married yet” would be “okay, well, what if your partner hooked up with someone else? Like Brad? He’s here right now!” I’m sure this will end well, I mean, what if (for example) the person in the new relationship gains feelings for their new partner, only for that partner to go back to their previous significant other? Of course, my big galaxy brain moment screams “mature, polyamorous relationship where everyone talks to each other and develops good communication skills to make it work,” but I don’t expect that to happen from the creators of “our red flags trend with each new episode.”

All that’s left is to figure out who will be Twitter’s picks for “protect at all costs” and “supreme trash goblin.”

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