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My Favorite Part of the ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Reunion Is Deepti Smiling as Everyone Dunks on Shake

The trash can is too good for Shake.

Love Is Blind Season 2

Spoilers for Love Is Blind season 2/The Reunion

Now that the second season of Love Is Blind has left the pod, it’s time for everyone to get together for an excruciatingly uncomfortable reunion where they watch clips of their most difficult moments on the show. Because nothing says “glad to be back” like “remember when your fiancé got drunk and told you that you’re the worst thing to ever happen to him?”

On the major plus side, though, a lot of the reunion is spent with the entire cast (including the hosts) taking turns telling Shake how much he sucks—not that we need a reminder thanks to his behavior on the show and afterward. If you thought Deepti’s siblings going off on Shake on Instagram was satisfying, then you are going to LOVE watching this reunion.

Here are five major things that happened in this special episode of “Yes, Shake Sucks, but Everyone Else Is Okay … Kinda?”

The married couples are still together

Both Nick and Danielle and Jarrette and Iyanna are still together. We even get a cute home video that reveals that Nick has his fair share of wacky costumes. Unfortunately, their fur babies are still getting used to each other, so maybe they need to spend some time with a wall between them so they can meow and bark out their feelings. Nick and Danielle are also in couple’s therapy and working on communicating better with each other, which is definitely a positive.

Jarrette and Iyanna are also doing well, with Jarrette staying in more and Iyanna going out more to spend time with him. The only real rocky point we see with them is when Vanessa, who admits that this is a dick move, shows the clip where Jarrette told Mallory that he would’ve gotten her a better ring. Iyanna says that moment hurt her because, well, of course it did, and says that all of her anger went toward Jarrette because, as her partner, he had no business doing that.

Who knows what the future will hold, but for now, both married couples are still together (and hey, so are the married couples from the first season, maybe love is a two couple a season deal when you put it in the hands of Nick and Vanessa Lachey).

Two couples tried to date after the show (possibly three?)

This isn’t too surprising for Salvador and Mallory, who said after their failed wedding that they would try and take it slow and go out on a date. They met up and things just didn’t pan out for either of them. Sal does admit to Mal that it felt like he never got the chance to be heard whenever they got into an argument, and he also responds to the engagement ring comment that Jarrette made.

What did surprise me is the fact that Shayne and Natalie tried to go out after the show. Things were so tense at their wedding that I figured they would just call it quits. As we can see from that clip up above, things are STILL tense between them, and we find out that when they went out on their date Natalie had a hard time making progress because of what Shayne said to her before their wedding.

Then the question we all had on our minds gets addressed … kinda. Shayne and Shaina are asked if they’ve gone out at all. Shayne is SO uncomfortable in this moment, and Shaina can’t figure out why, as she says they’re just friends. And like, I dunno, I feel like these two aren’t being completely honest about that. Shayne clammed up so much, and Shaina was so beside herself when he shrunk away from the question. That being said, it wasn’t the only time these two were put on blast.

All the love triangles get addressed

The gentler love triangle, I suppose, is the one involving Mallory and Jarrette, which does get addressed because, as I said, they play the ring clip because this is a reality TV reunion. Iyanna is pretty civil about the whole thing because she continues to be the absolute best. It’s clear to me that she’s had this conversation with Jarrette before when she found out what he said in Mexico. Sal has much harsher words, not just because of what Mal said, but because Jarrette tried to write the whole thing off as a joke when Sal confronted him about it.

But that’s not the triangle you’re most interested in, no. You want to know what happened with the Shayne and Shaina mess, especially since neither Natalie nor Kyle knew that Shaina had gone to tell Shayne how she felt about him AFTER she said yes to Kyle. Natalie is pretty reserved about the whole thing, but Kyle?

You know what, this needs its own section.

Kyle reads Shaina for filth

I wish with my whole entire heart that we would’ve seen this Kyle on the show, because this Kyle clearly has a backbone and is clearly pissed off because Shaina, frankly, wasted his time. Every time she tries to make it sound like that’s not what she did, he tells her about herself. In fact, there’s a moment where he asks why the hell she was even given the chance to go into the pod to talk to Shayne when it was supposed to be Natalie going in. Like. WHY did she say yes at all?

But the extra kicker that no one could’ve seen coming is the fact that Kyle says his biggest regret is NOT proposing to Deepti. He is so in awe of her and not only hates that he missed his chance, but hates that someone as abysmal as Shake was the one who got to be with her.

With that said, my friends, it is time for the best part of the reunion.

Then EVERYONE read Shake for filth

Have you ever watched someone on a show who is such a moldy heap of trash that you end up siding with another problematic person because they’re calling them out?

Shake is such a troll of a man that even SHAYNE was making sense whenever he spoke against him. But really, EVERYONE got a turn in the “Shake sucks” portion of the reunion, which means there are several moments where someone—even the hosts themselves—calls Shake out for his toxic behavior.

All Deepti has to do is sit there and listen as a room full of people praise her, then proceed to go off on the man who was fool enough to treat her so poorly. Highlights include:

  • Nick and his corn on the cob costume unfollowed Shayne on social media.
  • Shayne calling Shake out whenever Shake dares to speak a sentence.
  • Jarrette calling him fake as fuck, Iyanna calling him a narcassist.
  • Both Nick and Vanessa chewing him out.
  • Deepti speaking her piece only after everyone else got a chance to ridicule him. It’s not just what she said, but the way she said it, as she doesn’t even care that he’s not attracted to her, but if they’re supposed to be close why would he say such foul shit about her?
  • Everyone has a crush on Deepti. Everyone loves her. She deserves the world.

The reunion ended with an announcement for a new, um, “experiment,” I guess, called The Ultimatum or something? Because Nick and Vanessa Lachey can’t get enough of this. What does that mean for Love Is Blind Season 3? I dunno, but hopefully, there’s no Shake involved.

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