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Netflix Streaming Claims to Be “More Energy-Efficient Than Breathing”

So only do one of those things.


You know what’s super energy efficient? Death. Failing that, though, Netflix Streaming wants to assure members that watching a bunch of BoJack Horseman is the next best thing!

In a blog post entitled “Netflix Streaming – More Energy Efficient than Breathing,” the company argues that “sitting still while watching Netflix probably saves more CO2 than Netflix burns.” Probably, right? That’s just science.

Noting that Netflix Streaming’s energy consumption for 2014 was 0.0013 kWh per Streaming Hour Delivered, the company explains:

  • 36% was from renewable sources
  • 28% was offset with renewable energy credits
  • We plan to be fully offset by 2015, and to increase the contribution of renewable sources
  • Carbon footprint of about 300g of CO2 per customer represents about 0.007% of the typical US household footprint of 43,000 kg (48 tons) of CO2 per year

The post goes on to imply that reading a book is actively worse for the environment than sitting in front of Netflix and waiting silently for death to come:

A viewer who turned off their TV to read books would consume about 24 books a year in equivalent time, for a carbon footprint around 65kg CO2e – over 200 times more than Netflix streaming servers, while the 100W reading light they might we use would match the consumption of the TV they could have watched instead!

Why do you have to rag on books, Netflix? They are no conceivable threat to you!

The blog post ends with the unassailable logic that watching the streaming service is better for the planet than continuing to fuel your dumb meat-bag body:

The amount of carbon equivalent emitted in order to produce a single quarter-pound hamburger can power Netflix infrastructure to enable viewing by 10 member families for an entire year!

Inhaling, exhaling, eating, “consuming” books! All our animal instincts belong to the old world. We are Netflix now. Do your duty to the Capitol and stream.

(via Daily Dot)

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