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Mom Is a Futurist Engineer in the Trailer for Netflix’s Lost In Space

Netflix has dropped the new trailer for Lost In Space, their upcoming adaptation of the 1960s science fiction series. While the original has been remembered for its bright colors, fantasy-inspired plots, and alliterative insults for robots, this new series looks like it’ll take itself rather seriously.

“Humankind evolves,” Molly Parker’s character, Maureen Robinson, says in the trailer. “It’s how we survive. Through ice ages, plagues, wars, disasters from above. We adapt our skills, our languages, our very bodies, in order to live. Earth is our home, but only so long as it keeps us safe. When this world can no longer serve that purpose, another planet, another colony, another chance. The rest of human history begins now.”

As the trailer comes to a close, young Will Robinson takes one last, mournful look at Earth as the spaceship door closes. Then, in the last few seconds of the trailer, it all goes awry.

I’m curious to see what the tone of this series will be. Based on this trailer, it seems to take itself relatively seriously, but whether that seriousness will be used to promote futurism—look at all the amazing things this family sees!—or instead, to warn against technological adventurism—we never should have gotten on this spaceship!—I can’t quite tell at the moment. The Hollywood Reporter hypothesizes that it will have a “lighter” feel and “an optimistic tone,” but they haven’t seen the episodes either.

I do appreciate that it looks like Parker will get to play the “Reed Richards role in the family. While Toby Stephens’ John Robinson is still described as the “expedition commander,” Parker’s Maureen Robinson is described as the “fearless and brilliant aerospace engineer who makes the decision to bring her family to space for a chance at a new life on a better world.” Her monologue in this trailer, delivered with a satisfied smile, seems to confirm her characterization as the optimistic futurist. (Who accidentally leads her family into chaos, but hey!) It’s nice to see mothers given this sort of ambition, vision, and fallibility in our TV series.

Lost in Space arrives on Netflix on April 13, 2018.

(via The Hollywood Reporter; image: screengrab)

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