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Netflix Can’t Help Teasing Us With Luke Cage Stuff Before Jessica Jones Is Even Out

Slow your roll, there, Netflix.

Netflix sure does love lording its Marvel TV properties over everyone else, and one show’s premiere can’t stop the hype train. Even with Jessica Jones only a few days away, they can’t help but drop a maddeningly barebones teaser for their next guaranteed hit: Luke Cage.

Here, we see the neon sign for Josie’s bar from Daredevil before lighting up the one for Luke’s, and then there’s an ominous (maybe?) shadow? It looks like there’s going to be stiff competition for watering holes in Hell’s Kitchen. Cage and his bar will appear first in Jessica Jones before he gets his own show, so this irritatingly tiny tease is pulling double duty.

Still, even if Cage’s bar manages to go toe-to-toe with Josie’s, “Luke’s” has some other competition he might want to think about:


I’ll be waiting for the Gilmore Girls/Marvel crossover wherein Matt Murdock defends Luke Cage’s “Luke’s” against a trademark case brought by franchise owner Luke Danes—represented by Paris Geller, who has by now become a lawyer as well as a doctor. Hilarity ensues.

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