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Nestflix Is a Netflix Parody Site That Pays Tribute to the Fake Movies and TV Shows Within Movies and TV Shows

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I didn’t realize how much I loved fake movies and TV series in media until I came across a website that not only lists them all but has organized them to look like a legitimate Netflix-like streaming service.

This is truly why I love fandom.

Created by developer and digital artist Lynn Fisher, the page is, according to them, “A wiki dressed up as a streaming platform that catalogs fictional films and TV shows inside real movies and TV shows.”

I think the phrase dressed up is a bit of an understatement. Nestflix is an entire website where every entry has a picture, a description, cast and director credits, and a link to the original source of the parody so you’re not trying to remember when the hell Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a Hamlet parody (the answer is 1993’s Last Action Hero).

The only thing missing is the ability to actually watch these parodies, but the sentiment of building an entire page in such a creative way is already pretty spectacular. I can’t imagine the amount of work that must’ve gone into this, especially since folks are able to submit suggestions.

At the moment, however, the submission page has been temporarily paused. This isn’t at all surprising to me. I imagine that a lot of people rushed to the submission page to suggest nearly 8 1/2 hours of The Lucas Lee Collection from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World or this gem from Lucifer:

Currently, there are over 700 titles available (at launch there were 400) and I predict that it’ll clear 1000 in no time, especially when you realize just how many parodies exist within our favorite movies and TV shows.

Yeah, the sequels of the sequels are gonna boost those numbers fast, just ask the cast of Stab (the Scream parody series within Scream).

If you’re wanting to submit something once it opens up again, or if you’re wondering why certain parodies aren’t included, here’s some info from the website itself:

You might be wondering where is Rochelle, Rochelle from Seinfeld? Or Coming Home in a Body Bag from True Romance? Both iconic in their own way. Here’s the criteria for what gets added:

  • Must be fictional (not characters watching a real film, not a recreation of a real film)
  • Must show actual footage (not just mentioned in dialogue or seen in a poster)
  • Not a news or morning show (for now, this might change)

Be sure to check out Nestflix today – no subscription fees or Nestflix account necessary (but I do highly recommend clicking on the little user profile icon in the top right-hand corner, oh, and you can buy them a coffee).

(Image: Lynn Fisher/Universal Pictures)

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