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An Electric Guitar With an NES For A Body

The people behind GetLoFi have forged this mighty implement of oak and steel and one secret ingredient.  You may already have guessed what hallowed object, dripping with the sweet ichor of gaming history, was chosen to be crafted into a machine of completely other purpose.

It may, in fact, be immediately obvious.

It may, as it has been brought to our attention, be in the title of the post.

This NES-bodied, fully functional electric guitar went for $150, and we feel certain that if it had been placed in an auction environment it would have fetched somewhat more.  This is far from the first time we’ve seen the NES become something else due to some DIY aptitude, and not even the first musical instrument, but electric guitars are inherently badass, so… yeah.  Here’s how it sounds:

According to the Youtube page:

The Power button on the NES body is connected to a tone capacitor ( cuts the high end ), the low-end signal is processed more distorted/fuzz like.

While we don’t know enough about guitars to know what, exactly, that means, we know that you can make an electric guitar out of pretty much anything and still have it sound decent, and that the distortion in the video is due to a purposeful filter.

(via LikeCool.)

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