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Nerf’s New Mascot Murph Will Stalk Your Nightmares

This is the Upside Down's answer to Gritty.

Murph the Nerf mascot.

Hasbro has unveiled their new mascot for the popular toy line Nerf, the be-all and end-all of foam-based weaponry. Meet Murph, the non-binary, faceless gun-wielding monster made entirely of foam darts! Wait kids, stop crying. Why are you crying? No, Murph isn’t real and he isn’t hiding under your bed.

Murph is the first mascot ever for the Nerf brand. Adam Kleinman, senior vice president and general manager of Nerf at parent company Hasbro said, “We wanted to introduce a mascot that represents this ageless, unbridled fun that lives in all of us and creates a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf.” As someone who grew up OBSESSED with Nerf toys, I get the appeal of a fun, Gritty-esque dart-shooting monster. But uh … this ain’t it. Mascots should evoke joy, excitement, and enthusiasm, all emotions that are near impossible to mine from a character without a face. Instead, Murph offers a blank slate upon which to project your fears, despair, and nightmares. Oh, and he’s armed! Very normal and very cool.

Kleniman described Murph as a “playful spirit and gifted athlete” and emphasized the company’s push to get kids away from screens and into more active play. “Nerf recognizes that while screens are great, there remains a need for kids, and their parents, to get out, get active and make memories,” he said. I couldn’t agree more, and kids will get plenty of exercise as they run screaming from this foam monstrosity.

Murph will debut on Hasbro’s social channels later this month, alongside the tagline “Unleash the Play in You.” So look out, Murph is unleashed and he’s coming for your soul! Nerf fans took to social media to express their skepticism and confusion over Murph:

Okay look: if the Babadook can become a gay icon, then I guess there is room for Murph to become a trans/non-binary icon. Happy Pride Month, Murph!

(via AdWeek, featured image: Hasbro)

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