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Who’s The Final Doctor Who ebook Author? Neil Gaiman, Of Course!

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Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary is a big event, and it extends to more than just the TV end of the Doctor Who universe. Earlier this year, the BBC announced it was enlisting children’s authors to produce eleven short stories – one for each of the eleven Doctors – that would be released in ebook form as another way to mark the big 5-0. So far, the authors have included Eoin Colfer, Marcus Sedgwick, and Malorie Blackman, among others. The BBC has revealed that Neil Gaiman will be the icing on the cake with his Eleventh Doctor story, Nothing O’Clock.

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The story, which Gaiman called “incredibly scary,” introduces a new monster called The Kin and will feature a younger Amy Pond. Gaiman said of the new baddy:

“Once I’d finished telling my story, in which I create an incredibly creepy Dr Who villain or possibly bunch of villains called The Kin, there was definitely part of me who went ‘You know, wouldn’t it be fun to put this on screen? Wouldn’t this be fun to see if I can actually make people wee themselves with terror in real life?'”

The story comes just in time for the transition away from Eleven and Amy to Twelve and Clara. Having written such successful episodes for Doctor Who in recent years, will Neil Gaiman be back in that capacity for Peter Capaldi‘s run as the Twelfth Doctor? He says that it seems unlikely:

“Even though I managed to find time where there was no time at all, to write this story, I haven’t been able to find time to write an actual Doctor Who episode. So I think that may have to wait a series or two.”

We may end up having to wait until the Thirteenth Doctor graces our screens to see another Gaiman episode, depending on how long Peter Capaldi’s era turns out to be. In the meantime, Nothing O’Clock will be released as an ebook on November 23, and after that all eleven stories will be available as an anthology.

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