Neil deGrasse Tyson Settles The Age-Old Debate: Starship Enterprise or Millennium Falcon?

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When it comes to offering opinions on the Internet, Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t shy away from doing so–even if it means being on the receiving end of the occasional batch of mean tweets. He’s shared his thoughts on the scientific accuracies in films like Gravity and The Martian–and now, he’s officially throwing his hat in the ring in terms of which fictional spaceship is superior:

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His reasoning is pretty legit, when you stop and think about it–and given his own background, it makes more sense that he’d side with the Enterprise over the Millennium Falcon. I might be biased, though; I’ll always have more of a soft spot for Han and Chewie.

But when it comes to the Enterprise, he might be right in the fact that Star Trek was one of the first shows to really depict an exploratory space vehicle, not merely a ship that had been designed to go from point A to point B within its respective galaxy.

Can I say I officially love Star Talk? It gives us the chance to tackle topics with Neil deGrasse Tyson that we may never have otherwise. Like space sex.

What do you think? In the battle for best fictional spaceship, who comes out on top?

(via The Daily Dot, image via YouTube)

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