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NCIS Doesn’t Understand MMORPGs, Writes About Them Anyway [Video]


By all accounts, it seems either television writers are lazy with their fact checking, or deliberately want to bother gamers. This sort of thing tends to happen. This time around, NCIS writers flex either their gamer-trolling muscles, or showcase that they just don’t care to see if what they write is a thing.

A commenter on this Reddit thread claims that he worked as a writer for one of the shows that tend to do this to gamers, and that these scenes are intentionally designed to enrage younger viewers with their inaccuracy, rather than made out of a simple lack of awareness. He also claims there’s an “unwritten coldwar” between drama writers to out troll each other, which actually turns these apparent gaffes into amazing, clever trollings.

(reddit via Geeks are Sexy)

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