NCIS Can’t Help Itself, Makes Arrow to the Knee Reference [Video]

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Today on the docket of generic television procedurals either trolling gamers or not knowing what they’re talking about but rolling with it anyway, we have the above scene from NCIS. Not only does it begin with some technician at a company that produces routers derogatorily using the term “dweeb” due to a character’s interest in said routers, but the clip moves toward a mention of Skyrim and “Old Republic,” calling them “dorky roleplaying games.” Best of all, the clip ends with everyone’s most hated Skyrim meme, taking an arrow to the knee.

As we’ve mentioned before, a reddit thread pointed out that another redditor claimed to be a writer on these types of shows, and that the writers on these types of shows have some kind of unspoken competition going to see who can troll the hardest. This claim would actually make sense, as the level of incorrectness and awkward mentions regarding gaming in these scenes is so precise, it seems extremely calculated. It also seems extremely easy to factcheck some of the things spoken in these scenes, and considering the shows leave the scenes how they are without the correct mentions, one would assume the incorrect or awkward mentions were left there intentionally.

Whatever the case, it’s always super funny. Check out a few more instances of it in the related links below, all of which are hilarious.

(via reddit)

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