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Celebrate National Running Day With The Geekiest Running Videos We Could Find

There's an awful lot of running to do.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Today is National Running Day so go run — or stay inside where it’s safe and has WiFi and watch videos of other geeks running. How do you run on the International Space Station? What’s the best “Time Lord Rock” song to jog to? How fast can scary nightmare robots run? Check out these videos to find out.

Running in Space!

Astronaut Karen Nyberg made a series of videos about life on the International Space Station while she was on board including this video demonstrating the ISS T2 treadmill and how to run on it in microgravity.

An Awful Lot of Running

Time Lord Rock is a genre of music that pulls inspiration from Doctor Who. There are a number of TLR bands out there, but my favorite is Chameleon Circuit. Their song “An Awful Lot of Running” is a perfect tune to put on your playlist when you’re out for a run and need some nerdy inspiration to keep going. The animated video for the song by Ed Stockham is pretty great too.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Ever played QWOP? Then you probably hate QWOP, but do you hate it as much as Michael from Rooster Teeth? Watch this episode of his series Rage Quit where he screams about how frustrating QWOP is for four minutes. I know he’s talking about a game, but a lot of what he’s saying applies to how I feel about running IRL.

KAIST Raptor robot

Happy nightmares, everyone! Here’s a robot that can run 46 kilometers per hour (about 29 mph). This should give you something to think about while you’re slogging away on a treadmill at 8mph wondering what it’s all for.


Paratarsotomus macropalpis

The cheetah had a good run (ha!) as the fastest land animal, but Paratarsotomus macropalpis, a tiny mite native to southern California, beats it handily — as long as we’re measuring, it’s the size of a sesame seed and runs at 171 body lengths per second. If humans could do that we’d be able to run 1,300 mph.

The Flash

Come one. We weren’t not going to include The Flash.

The Running Man

Alright, so The Running Man is less about running and more about one-liners and killing people, but still, it is called The Running Man.

The “Running Man”

Finally, here’s a GIF of Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith doing the “Running Man” because why not?

The Running Man

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