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Explore the Inside of Nathan’s Mind via This Ex Machina Analysis

Sci-fi thriller Ex Machina gets a well-deserved revisitation in this video analysis by Mr. Nerdista, who explains how the film shows us the inner-workings of Nathan Bateman’s mind. Nathan’s rich characterization is helped by Oscar Isaac’s excellent acting, of course, but it’s also served well through set design, writing, and scene composition.

Those of who you haven’t yet seen the film and plan to check it out for Oscar Isaac alone might be surprised and impressed to learn that he plays an unlikable narcissist — true evidence of his range as an actor, especially in comparison to his recent surge to A-list status in the role of the charismatic Poe in The Force Awakens.

I do recommend Ex Machina, by the way, especially if you like robots as much as I do and hope to see them someday conquer us puny humans. The movie also serves as a compelling take on both modern gender politics and the hubris of the tech industry — this link makes for good further reading if you finish watching this video about Nathan’s psyche and would like to see an exploration of Ava’s psyche as well.

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