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NASA and LEGO Get Together on Google Hangout to Talk About “Imagine and Build” Competition

You got your NASA in my LEGO! You got your LEGO in my NASA!


Ever thought of what you would use to build your own spaceship if you were to design one yourself? LEGO has, of course, and while their bricks aren’t quite strong enough to withstand interstellar travel just yet, that’s not stopping the company from teaming up with NASA for a space-themed LEGO building competition.  At 11am EST today, representatives from LEGO, experts from NASA, and actual astronaut Leland Melvin will jump on a live stream via Google Hangout to talk about the contest, and we’ve got a feed of it right here for you.

If you’re watching and have questions, you can use the hashtag #askNASA on Twitter, or just ask them on NASA’s Facebook or the Google+ event page.

The deadline for submitting to “Imagine and Build” is July 31st, by the way, so you still have time to come up with something if you’re interested. All the rules can be found at ReBrick.

(via Google, featured image via NASA HQ PHOTO)

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