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NASA Finally Has the Result of Their Global Selfie, and Damn If It Isn’t the Only Photomosaic We Care About

It might also be the only selfie we care about.

NASA asked everyone to come together to take a #GlobalSelfie for Earth Day this year, and the Internet obliged by tweeting selfies while holding up the geographic coordinates of the picture’s location. It’s taken some time, but NASA has finally gotten back to us with the impressive, photomosaic result of those images.

Photomosaics enjoyed a brief stint of popularity a few years back, and then, like so many forms of art, they quickly became something that everyone was making and lost their uniqueness. The #GlobalSelfie is probably the best use of the concept I’ve seen, though.

You can actually zoom all the way in on the 3.2 gigapixel image (1,000 times the pixels of a 3.2 megapixel image) and look at the 36,422 individual shots that comprise the image.

Or, zoom way out and see how the mosaic comes together to show what the Earth looked like on Earth Day 2014. Just try not to see it as two creepy eyes staring blankly into your soul. No? Just me? OK, then.

They’ve got video slideshows of the images, too:

You can also view the image on the GigaPan website or download it for yourself.

(NASA via Twitter, image via NASA)

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